My name is Ryan Vanderwert

I live in Victoria, Australia which is touted by many today as the 'Capital of Greyhound Racing'. Breeding was very much a terrific hobby for me when I started out about 8 years ago after owning and part owning about 70 reasonable to average type racedogs with various acquaintances and friends for a little over 20 years. This experience has provided me an enormous grounding into this great sport of greyhound racing. Looking at my 30 years into the sport, I have now completed the full circle of owning, training, professionally betting and now the breeding of greyhounds. Ah yes - It's been a fantastic ride.

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What do I do?

(i) brood analysis
(ii) pedigree analysis with a view to purchasing pups or near 'ready to race' dogs
(iii) stud analysis
(iv) pup auction evaluation.

The best way I can describe how my interest into breeding grew was that I saw, or more importantly didn't see any structure with greyhound breeding. The more I talked to everyday people in the sport the more I found that many of their ideas and thoughts about breeding greyhounds were very generally based rather than being specific.

What is linebreeding and what's special about what I do?

What I can do for any breeder in line with my findings, is linebreed their bitch primarily and intensely through littermates in the x path in the hope of breeding a racer that is competitive on the eastern seaboard of Australia.

I say hope because breeding is an inexact science as most of us know, however I feel that if your bitch has what it takes to successfully make the transition from race bitch to brood bitch I can try to help her further by linebreeding her in a similar way to how some of those champion and x factor type racers were bred on my 'List of Intensity'.


Can I prove my claims regarding x path linebreeding?

This as I found with my research, was the effect x path linebreeding had on Australin racers with what I call my 'List of Intensity'


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Dear Racing Pedigrees Dot Com

I have known Ryan for 10 years and over that time l have used his knowledge of greyhound breeding and genetics, which I found to be detailed and precise."

Rod Dunn, Owner of Retail Therapy & Ozz Magic

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Dear Racing Pedigrees Dot Com

I used to look at breeding fairly one dimensionally like a lot of people checking to see if a sire was doubled up here or a particular nick there but after talking to Ryan my mind was opened to a some brilliant new ways to view breeding. His meticulous approach and thorough knowledge of pedigrees for many generations really helped to open my eyes to some things I had never before considered. I can now approach my breeding program with a far more specific approach to what I'm targetting in a mating which I think can and will make all the difference to my future success."

Doug Taylor